Alternative engagement ring and dainty jewelry

Life and Exploration.

Inside each natural gemstone lives an entire universe. Mankind are fascinate by its beauty, motivate our limitless imagination and creativity.

Life is all about independence and exploration.

Fuel by the wonder of gemstone. We create jewelry as a form of expression; a vessel to embody our vision. And wearer should see jewelry not merely as accessory, but the extension of oneself.


Our Jewelry.


We only use top grade material. All gemstones are natural, and we only make solid gold or silver jewelry (not plated!)


From sketch to assembly everything is made in our own studio. We use non orthodox setting methods to give our work a new look. Jewelry are created with both traditional and innovative technique.


We create jewelry that reflect your style and aesthetic, as well as beneficial to your well being. Wear our jewelry that you love, and at the very same time amplify the full power of Chakra stones.


Photos by Majade