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Necklace - Standard necklace are 460mm (approx 18 inch) long; some with adjustment rings that allows you to wear at 440mm and 420mm

Bracelet - Our bracelet are standard 7.5 inch (approx 190mm) long; some item with adjustment that allows you to wear at 7 inch and 6.5 inch

Ring - Our standard from 52-54, or otherwise noted in our product listings. Rings can be resize by your local jeweler or we can custom make accordingly. Please contact us for a specific size just for you.




Gemstone - Every single piece of MAJADE jewelry is set with genuine natural gemstones. Country of origin varies across the globe, from Africa to Central America. Each piece of our gem is unique and reflect their natural beauty.

Gold & Silver - MAJADE uses solid gold to create our jewelry. All of our product are NOT gold plated, gold filled, or PVD treated. 14K are what we use the most. All information are clearly listed as per our product description. All alloys are nickel free and 100% lab tested approved.

Chakra Stone

#Pearl - You can literally drink powdered Pearl for medicinal purpose. Wear Pearl for its soothing energy. If you wish for a good night rest wear Pearl in day time, energy are absorbed and taken a positive effect at night.

#Diamond - Diamond contains very high-frequency energy that stimulate brain-waves. In ancient time it is believe to help "opening of the third-eye". Diamond is a great gem for inspiration and spiritual guidance.

#WhiteChalcedony - Chalcedony is a great gemstone for alignment - Clear/ white Chalcedony particularly brings the mind, body and spirit together. Use its gentle energy to enhance sports (especially team) performance.

#ClearQuartz - The Quartz family is well known for its high energy frequency. Clear Quartz being a neutral gemstone is wonderful as a amplifier. It's high frequency increase metabolism, especially great for weight loss and detoxing.

#Aquamarine - Because of its calming and relaxation energy, Aquamarine helps overcome fear, and is especially excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types. Aquamarine helps to articulate wisdom and feelings with clarity, it is also great for bargain, debate and decision making.

#BlueJade - The Jade family is well known for its power to restore and repair. Blue Jade is especially great for restoring equilibrium and calming hot temper.

#BlueChalcedony - Chalcedony family is know as the "balance stone", which mean is align different aspect in synchronicity. Blue Chalcedony is especially great to align mind to lips. If you have trouble doing public speaking, wear Blue Chalcedony to improve.

#Amazonite - Amazonite's energy is as powerful as the legendary women warriors with whom it is connected. It is use as a Chakra for courage. Amazonite helps to enhance its owners beliefs and values, which provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings.

#Kyanite - Kyanite 's high vibration and rapid transfers of energy makes it a very rare mineral that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, and therefore never needs cleansing. Very powerful gem to cast off troubles and people that would do you harm, wear this gem if you find undesired gossips in workplace or facing similar situations.

#Tanzanite - Tanzanite is a wonderful gemstone to use in workplace. Its calming and soothing energy can ease misunderstand and augment. Just a tiny piece can help to overcome communication difficulties. It is also practical in providing solutions to problems and challenges. Tanzanite is also a good stone for promotion and career change.

#Amethyst - Amethyst is a very powerful healing stone. The energy it carries is smoothing and at ease, creating an ora protecting its owner against stress and negativity. Best for a restful sleep.

#Garnet - Also known as the "stone of health". in ancient times Garnet is used as a gem for fertility. Nowadays it is known to improve blood circulation and enhance owner's health.

#PinkChalcedony - Like all gemstone i the Chalcedony family, the Pink Chalcedony is great for alignment and synchronicity. It is use especially use to align lovers together, bringing their energy closer thus result with similar thoughts and values.

#PinkOpal - Opal is a gemstone with a long history. Many civilization cherish this mysterious gem. Pink Opal resonate with energies of the Mother Goddess, it is exceptional great for mothers or mothers-to-be protecting the owner and it's child. Also a wonderful gem to boost your feminine charm.

#Coral - Coral is an organic gemstone. Unlike other mineral gemstones,coral works differently with energy: It does not channel energy though frequency, but rather transfer and amplify power though its micro membrane systems. This is especially useful to protect its owner from depression and despondency.

#StrawberryQuartz - Strawberry Quartz is a rare form of Rose Quartz. Much like Rose Quartz it is use to improve love and attraction, only much more powerful and focus on the enhancement of feminine charm.

#RoseQuartz - Rose Quartz is a very gentle gem. It carries a soothing and positive energy that encourages self love and promotes forgiveness. In simple words makes you a better and even more attractive person, thus it is very well known gem for love and relationships.

#Sunstone - Sunstone carries the energy of the Sun God Ra. Sun provides the most important power to our civilization, owner of Sunstone will harness the power of Sun, feel alive and enthusiastic, which ultimately brings great opportunities for leadership and promotion.

#YellowJade - Jades are excellence stone for regeneration. Yellow Jade have a cheerful and energetic energy, it is especially great if your mood is low. Yellow jade will assimilate positive power and transfer to its owner, wear it to feel sunny everyday.

#Serpentine - Serpentine is a great stone for its health benefit. In old days it is thought that the wearer are immune to poison. Although not as dramatic as the ancients believe, Serpentine does have a strong frequency that helps the body detox. Wear Serpentine for 2 weeks and you can tell the improvement to your body.

#GreenChalcedony - All Chalcedony are stones for alignment and balance. Green Chalcedony is especially used to balance between wealth and body. Meaning if you are rich but face health issues, the stone will vibrate a frequency that improves your body. On the other hand if you are strong as an ox but a little short on the bank account, Green Chalcedony will increase your opportunities to fortune.

#Jade - Jade is an important stone for many cultures. It is a stone that brings harmony and protection. Green Jade is consider as "the classic" among other colors of Jade. It will recognize its owner and create a protective aura. Longer you wear your jade, stronger the frequency and power it gets.

#Malachite - Malachite have a long history to be use as a talisman. The Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and many cultures use Malachite to cast off evils. Very well known for its power to protect, nowadays it is especially great for travelers. Wear Malachite to soothe jet lag, easy business travel, and avoid being scam.

#SmokyQuartz - Like all Quartz, Smoky Quartz is very high in frequency. It's energy help to prevent damage and accidents caused by human error. If you are a bit on the clumsy side, wear Smoky Quartz for great improvement.

#Obsidian - A stone that have a long history, Obsidian has been used by men since prehistoric times. Obsidian are used as stone tools before the discovery of metal. A natural crystal formed by volcanic eruption, Obsidian have the power of the earth. It will protect the wearer from anything unnatural, such as toxin in food and smartphone's electronic frequency..

#Onyx - Onyx are great as a relaxation and relief Chakra stone. In the Victorian Era it was very commonly used in mourning jewelry because it helps to overcome pain and sorrow. Onyx is very powerful to cast off negative thoughts.

Collection & Ancient symbols    

We believe design must be taken further for the Chakra stone to reach it's full potential. The power of Chakra stones is fully utilize with our designs inspire by the shapes and forms of powerful ancient symbols. 

Link Collection -

Concept: Perfect gift for you and your love one. This collection dedicate to the everlasting bond of lovers. We specialize engineered these ring to topnotch precision, making each set entwine perfectly. Wear the pair as a set or stand single stunningly. Make great wedding ring or engagement ring.

Symbol - [The Link]: Love, Bonding, Commitment . Interlocking, jointing shapes symbolize bonding of the two. Energy will channel through the gold, enhancing the positive and chancel out the negative.

Best for: Love, relationship, marriage

Botanical Collection -

Concept: Our Botanical Collection depict the wonders of garden like you never seen before. Wear the jewelry for a bold style and a head turner anytime. The perfect statement for your love of nature!

Symbol - [Floral] : Life, Birth, Creation. Floral symbols represent life itself. They are love by ancient culture not just pleasing visually, also because it have the power to regenerate and growth.

Best for: Healing, Career development

Saturn Collection -

Concept: We are inspired by the planet Saturn. The trademark halo is made of 14K gold, with our “Helix Set” technique, guiding your eyes all angles to explore the beauty of natural gemstone. Helix Set is our in-house invention that can only be made in high standard fine jewelry production.

Symbol- [Infinity]: Limitless, rebirth, continual. By making a gold(Au) halo surrounding the Chakra stone, the energy channel though infinity shape, energy will keep on renewing itself, forming an everlasting aura that protects its wearer.

Best for: Health, protection, improve relationship.

Metropolis Collection -

Concept: Inspire by architecture from modern skyscraper to ancient pyramid, we invent “Combstruction”, an in-house construction inspired by the framework of buildings. With is innovation jewelries are lighter in weight, yet stronger build.

Symbol- [The Pyramid]: Mystical, powerful, amplify. Gold is made to a flat base with a pointed tip, in the shape of a stud / a pyramid. Chakra stone is mount inside the pyramid to reach its maximum energy and strength.

Best for: Inspiration, ward off negativity.

Seed Collection -

Concept: Flower in the most preliminary form. Constructed in the form of a seed, 14K gold shell safe guarding the precious, natural gemstone inside. We invent the exclusive technique “Kebab set” to highlight our unique design.

Symbol - [The Path]: Road, journey, destiny. Gold is constructed in a elongated form with pointed tips. Chakra stones are lined up in a column or a row. Energy are “shot” though the tip to help it's owner to reach their accomplishment.

Best for: Any test and examination, job interview




Jewelry Care

1 - Avoid bleach, remove jewelry before swimming diving

2 - Store away from high heat and direct sunlight

3 - Avoid strong impact, remove jewelry before doing any sports

4 - Avoid direct contact with perfume and cosmetic

5 - Store your jewelry inside box when not wearing

6 - Please remove jewelry before you go to bed

7 - Never ever clean your jewelry with tissue paper. Always use a cloth