Islington (orange)

Islington (orange)



[Name] Islington (orange version)
[Material] 14K Solid yellow gold ; Sunstone ; Genuine diamond
[Dimension] H20mm X W12mm
[Chain Length] 18 inches / 460mm

*Purchase include engraved wood box, leather pouch & polish cloth

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[Sunstone] Bright orange sunstone mined from Oregon, Harney Country. Sunstone carries the energy of the Sun God Ra. Sun provides the most important power to our civilization, owner of Sunstone will harness the power of Sun, feel alive and enthusiastic, which ultimately brings great opportunities for leadership and promotion.

[14k gold] Precious with high intrinsic value, gold is the rare material that mankind cherish throughout history. If you wonder how to clean gold jewelry, simply rub your jewelry with our complimentary cloth will clean and sustain shine. 

[Diamond] Conflict-free diamond from Congo. In Charka therapy, diamond contains very high-frequency energy that stimulate brainwaves, thus making it a great gem for inspiration and spiritual guidance. In ancient time it is believed to help enlightenment.


[Islington] Islington is a residential district of London. Nothing robust yet retains a strong sense of identity and character. With this pendant I attempt to capture a similar feeling,incorporating a subtle and yet distinctive gothic architectural style in the design. A design from our "Metro series", this collection is a tribute to the cities I love and wonderful memories. From magnificent architecture to backstreet alley, each city possess a unique identity.

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