Pink Diamond Marina

Pink Diamond Marina



[Name] Marina (pink diamond version)
[Material] 14K white gold (AU 585), genuine pink diamond
[Dimension] W20.5mm x H4.5mm
[Size] US-6.5 / UK-M 1/2 / French-53
*More size available, please contact us for any inquiry

*Purchase include engraved wood box, leather pouch & polish cloth

*Free international shipping by EMS!

*Due to the rarity of the stone, please allow 2 weeks for production

*We also have variety of colors in this design, please see our listings


[Pink diamond] Sourced from Australia, pink is a scarce color among the diamond family. The price of pink diamond reflect its rarity, but that glorious pink is priceless. Cute and adorable, the pink diamond symbolizes romance, creativity and femininity. An engagement ring with pink diamond is quite an apt way to convey your love, and it will always hold a special place in your love's heart.

[14k gold] Precious with high intrinsic value, gold is the rare material that mankind cherish throughout history. If you wonder how to clean gold jewelry, simply rub your jewelry with our complimentary cloth will clean and sustain shine. 


[Marina] One of our most popular design, multiply featured by fashion blogs and magazines such as Marie Carrie. A ring from our "Amour series", a refreshing collection of alternative engagement rings. Chic and cool when wear independently, or you can double-up as a set.

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