Teal Aphrodite

Teal Aphrodite


[Name] Teal Aphrodite
[Material] Solid 14K gold (AU 585), Amazonite
[Dimension] H17.5mm x W17.5mm
[Chain length] 460mm / 18 inches
*Purchase include engraved wood box, leather pouch & polish cloth

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[Amazonite] Glossy turquoise blue from Mexico. Amazonite's energy is as powerful as the legendary women warriors with whom it is connected. In Charka therapy it is use as anamplifier for courage. Amazonite helps to enhance its owners beliefs and values, which provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings.

[14k gold] Precious with high intrinsic value, gold is the rare material that mankind cherish throughout history. If you wonder how to clean gold jewelry, simply rub your jewelry with our complimentary cloth will clean and sustain shine. 


[Aphrodite] The famous Greek Goddess of love is said to born from the ocean. This pendant is an abstract impression on Sandro Botticelli's famous painting. Aphrodite is represented by gemstone, surrounded by gentle waves and the blissful wind, materialize to the stunning Goddess. A design from our "Wave series", the concept emerges from nautical myths. Oceans is vital to mankind, but as technology progress we became estrange, this collection is a tribute to the inseparable connection to the ocean.


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