Messier Opal Set

Messier Opal Set


[Ring] Messier (2 rings set)
[Metal Purity] 18 Karat solid white gold 
[Gemstone] Opal, Moissanite
[Gem Type] Natural; non-treated
Opal ring: W21mm x H10mm;
Moissanite ring: W20mm x H14mm

The whirlpool galaxy, also known as Messier M51a, is a mysterious yet haunting beautiful cosmic formation. I want to capture the intangible and put this galaxy on your finger tip.

✦ What you will receive with the order:

1 x Solid 18k white gold ring with Opal
1 x Solid 18k white gold ring with moissanite 
1 x Laser engraved solid wood box
2 x Polishing cloth

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✦ Make with materials that we love:

[18k gold] Precious with high intrinsic value, solid 18k gold guaranty.

[Opal] Very pretty opal minded from Mexico. Opal is a gemstone with a long history, many civilization cherish this gem.

[Moissanite] We only use all-natural moissanite. Closely resemble its more famous counterpart, moissanite have the same color and brilliancy as diamond, but with a more gentle, subtle tone. 

✦ 60 days warranty:

Make with top quality and genuine material, 60 days warranty. In the case if you need repair or any issues with your item, just send us a message within the 60 days period and all repair / alternation are free. Our shop is powered by, shop with confidence!

Ring size (Opal):
Ring Size (Moissanite):
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