[Material] Sterling Silver (AG 925); Japanese freshwater pearl
[Dimension] H90mm X W7.5mm
[Wear] 14mm long standard ear pin with butterfly back

*Purchase include engraved wood box, leather pouch & polish cloth

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[Pearl] Milky white Japanese freshwater pearls. You can literally drink powdered Pearl for medicinal purpose. In Chakra therapy, pearls are wear for its soothing energy. If you wish for a good night rest wear pearl in day time, energy are absorbed and taken a positive effect at night.

[925 Sterling silver] A precious metal adored though-out history, silver is often associate with the moon due to its brightness. If you wonder how to clean sterling silver, simply rub your jewelry with our complimentary cloth will clean and sustain shine. 


[Elizabeth] Inspired by the queen's ceremonial mace, this elegant earring gently swirls and wrapped itself around the line of pearls. Wear this will surely make you feel like a royalty. A earring from our "Saturn series", the collection is inspired by Saturn's halo and it's prominent appearance among other planets. We invent a special setting technique allow stones to be unrestricted, you can to be explore the natural beauty of gemstone at all angles.

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