Rana (Opal)

Rana (Opal)


[Name] Rana (Pink version)
[Metal] Sterling Silver (AG 925), Opal, Genuine Diamond
[Dimension] H15mm x W22mm
[Size] US-6.5 / UK-M 1/2 / French-53
*Please contact us for any other sizes*

*Purchase include engraved wood box, leather pouch & polish cloth

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[Rana] Three candy-colored stone is individually set, each will dingle with your movement. This ring is cute and full-of-fun to wear. A design from our "Saturn series", the collection is inspired by Saturn's halo and it's prominent appearance among other planets. We invent a special technique allowing stones to be set unrestricted, you can to be explore the natural beauty of gemstone at all angles.

[Opal] Pastel pink from Australia. Opal is a gemstone with a long history. Many civilisations cherish this mysterious gem. In Charka therapy, pink opal resonate with energies of the Mother Goddess, it is exceptional great for mothers or mothers-to-be protecting the owner and it's child. Also a wonderful gem to boost your feminine charm.

[Diamond] Conflict-free diamond from Congo. In Charka therapy, diamond contains very high-frequency energy that stimulate brainwaves, thus making it a great gem for inspiration and spiritual guidance. In ancient time it is believed to help enlightenment or ""opening of the third-eye"". 

[How to clean sterling silver?] Simply rub your jewelry with our complimentary cloth will clean and sustain shine. 

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