Rome Set

Rome Set


[Necklace] Rome 
[Metal Purity] Sterling Silver (AG 925) 
[Gemstone] Green Agate, Blue Chalcedony, Tazanite, Pink Sapphire, Amethyst, Garnet, Rose Quartz, Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, 
[Gem Type] Natural; non-treated / enhance
[Chain length] 18 inches / 460mm

*FREE engraving (1 - 2 characters) on the round tag. Please let us know the letters you wish to engrave during checkout.

This chic and dainty necklace a tribute to my favorite city Rome. Available in variety choice of gemstones symbolizing the vibrant energy of the city. The small round tag at the collar is inspired by the Roman coin, making this the perfect gift for one you love.

✦ What you will receive with the order:

2 x Sterling silver charm necklace 
1 x Laser engraved solid wood box
1 x Polishing cloth

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✦ Make with materials that we love:

[925 Sterling silver] A metal adored though-out history. Solid sterling silver guaranty.

[Green Agate] "Stained glass" green from Australia. It is believe that all Agate are stones for alignment and balance, and green Agate is especially used to balance between wealth and body. 

[Blue chalcedony] Icy blue color chalcedony. It is believed chalcedony are good "balance stone", which aligns and synchronize you mind and body. 

[Tanzanite] Royal blue with purple tint from Tanzania. It is believe that tanzanite is a good stone to help promotion and career change.

[Pink sapphire] Cute and adorable, pink sapphire symbolizes romance, creativity and femininity. Treat you love one with pink sapphire jewelry is the best way to express your love, and the message will always have a special place in your lover's heart. 

[Amethyst] Beautiful deep purple, Amethyst is known as very powerful healing stone. 

[Garnet] Garnet is also known as the "stone of health". In ancient times it is used as a gem for fertility. Nowadays it is known to improve blood circulation and enhance owner's health.

[Rose Quartz] Gorgeous light pink color rose quartz. Very gentle vibes. 

[Kyanite] Deep blue color from Nepal. Kyanite is believe to be a very powerful gem for casting off troubles.

[Black tourmaline] In ancient times black tourmaline is used to protect its owner against evil spells. Today this stone is consider as a powerful talisman for protection against negativity and destructive forces.

[Peridot] Also known as the August birthstone, Peridot is unique for its olive shades of green. A rare color for natural gemstone, it evokes the lateness of summer and the onset of fall.

✦ 60 days warranty:

Make with top quality and genuine material, 60 days warranty. In the case if you need repair or any issues with your item, just send us a message within the 60 days period and all repair / alternation are free. Our shop is powered by, shop with confidence!

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