Thorn ring

I want to create a series that 's dedicate to love. This is a very common theme for jewelry, corny to be blunt. The heart shape comes to my mind first. Although this motif is very popular, I feel it's overdone to a cliché .

I want something less obvious. Something have deeper meaning than just a heart shape.

I am not a religious man myself. But it's safe to say most people are familiar with Jesus and the crucifixion story. The crown of thorn is a very powerful image. On one side it is a symbol of pain, suffering, mockery. And on the flip side it represent faith, dedication, passion.

In a strange way is much like love, is it not?

We all experience love. Love itself is a test of faith, almost religious at times. If you are marry for a long time I am confident that you will agree with me.

So, if you think about it, the crown thorn is a more in-depth symbol for love. The implication is much more sophisticated then a heart. The crown of thorn is my perfect motif for love.

Currently I only have one design created based on this theme. This thorn ring have several versions, set with diamond, ruby or emerald; also comes in different finishes. This ring turns out to be of of the most popular item in my collection. I am expanding on this idea, currently working on new designs. Please stay tune.

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2018 Jan 26 by Morris