The Saturn Collection

The initial idea is simple: I sourced a handful of gemstone beads. Very nice colors, these include Rose quartz, Amethyst, Sunstones...... My intent is to show off these beautiful gems as much as possible. The design therefore must be keep to a minimum with just a bit of metal. Having said that, I don't want anything overly simple. Sure the design have to be minimalist, yet with enough of design flare to create an interesting visual.

The colorful gem beads naturally reminds me of planets in a galaxy. My goal became quite clear to me, design a series in the shape of planet Saturn. Stone beads represents the planet itself, and gold will become the surrounding halo. The halo serves two purpose, it acts as a fasten device to secure the stone, as-well-as creating a visual interest to enhance the precious gemstone.

Image by NASA

Image by NASA

From pictures I saw of planet Saturn the halo is a thin and straight icy ring. I took some artistic licensee. Going for a curved and swirled halo because I feel it's more fun and less obvious.

These necklaces are of of the first designs for the Saturn collection. I currently have 5 color variations and looking to add more. 

With later additions I move away from the appearance of the oval halo. I extended, twisted and elongate the halo and create different shapes. Still, maintaining the initial idea of a halo and the bead. The “Maia” pendant is one of the most poplar designs.

And I have a series of rings based on the same halo idea too. This design does not restrict the stone, you can to be explore the natural beauty of gemstone at all angles.

With some inquiry in mind, for my latest addition I try to move away from using gemstone beads, going for faceted cut stone. The shape of planet and the halo id still essential to this collection.

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2018 Feb 02 - by Morris