"Less or More?"

“Less is more”, we all heard of the statement. Some sees as gospel, some think it is and overused cliche. I never understand or agree with the statement. In my mind, “less is less and more and more”, simple as that. Less or more, they are two ends of a spectrum. Two different mind-set for expression, where both should be judge by its merit, not simply by less or more. Both two schools of thoughts should be appreciate.

Less or more? I want to explore ends of both the extreme. The “more” (ie. Baroque) and the “less” (ie. Minimalism). Lets start with the less first. Tony Smith, Piet Mondrian, Lucio Fontana...... while I absolutely love the works of these masters, this is not an homage to their works. I want my mini series to be free from a particular look or style. It is a bold to say one can be free from any influence, but that is the intention and attempt.

From left to right:

Piet Mondrian- Composition of Lines and Colour III; Composition with Blue, 1937 

Tony Smith - Cigarette, 1961

Lucio Fontana - Spatial concept, waiting, 1960

Piet Mondrian- Composition No. 10 Pier and Ocean, 1915


This series of minimalist jewelry is a mini project for exploration, a way for me to approach minimalism. I create dainty diamond necklace and minimalist engagement ring. In the creation process I ask myself whats the “advantage” (for lack of a better word) of minimalism in jewelry? To me the answer is “transcendence”. When a design is strip away from all it's excess and down to the core, down to the essence, it is free from it's period of creation, a certain style, or cultural influence. Hence the design speaks an universal truth and can transcend over time. Or best expressed by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away".

I played on organic and geometric shapes, using metal and various of gemstones, captures the essence and strip it down to the core. 


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- Morris 2018 Jan 05