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I come across these raw diamonds by chance. Interested by the organic shapes and the uniqueness of each nugget, I want to create something different, because conventional designs wouldn't do justices for these stones. Inspire by the raw, rough, and unpolished forms of these stones a spark comes to my mind. The edgy look of tattoos will be a good match for these raw diamonds.

A finger tattoo looks cool but is not the ideal place for inking due to the thin skin. They tends to fade easier than traditional spots such as the back. To make jewelry inspire by tattoo motifs is like a finger tattoo that last. Gold and diamond are highly durable materials as gold would not rust and diamond is famous for its hardness.

2017 SEP 15 TATTOO-5.jpg

I choose three poplar tattoo designs. The eye of Horus, winged heart and butterfly. Each of these have a specific meaning and symbol:

The eye of Horus: An ancient Egypt symbol for protection. The motif is found in many ancient Egyptian jewelry and arts. Many choose the symbol today as a protection talisman. Also known as the all-seeing-eye and some believe it is a symbol closely related to the secret society.

Winged heart: Due to the horizontal shape, the motif is a very popular for lower-back tattoo (a.k.a tramp stamp). Same motif is adopt to finger tattoo. With a little devil horn its a symbol for the angelic but with a wild side. You know the saying, sugar and spice, naughty and nice.

Butterfly: Because a butterfly break away and rise from a cocoon, it symbolized transformation, new beginning and freedom. A perfect symbol if you are on a new path in life. And thanks to its stunning color and delicate shape, the butterfly is also connect to feminine beauty in the conventional sense.

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Chan Morris