Diamond is got to be the most popular gemstone for engagement ring. This conventional practice of “diamond for wedding” is much a modern invention by the diamond industry. Nowadays with consumer awareness on ethical issues in diamond minding, more and more people push though the “diamond of wedding” believe and go for alternative stones that they love.

Negatives aside, diamond isn't famous for no reason. It's gleam and brilliant, very catchy and clear colored makes diamond an easy match with any clothing. To diamond or not to diamond? A choice to work around this dilemma is to use ethically minded, conflict-free diamonds. Or if you want something similar but other than diamond, Moissanite is a good alternative.

Moissanite is a transparent stone of tough hardness. With an appearance that highly resembles diamond, commercial jewelers sees it as the replacement for diamond. But Moissanite have it's own charm. The “fire” (or brilliancy) of diamond is more catchy, while Moissanite shines in a more gentle way. Personally I like to imagine diamond as the sun and Moissanite as the moon. And unlike the dangerous diamond minding business, Moissanite is easier to harvest, thus minders working condition are much safer and you can have ease on ethical issues.

So Moissanite or diamond? That is the question. While the choice all really comes down to a matter of personal taste and believe, undeniably Moissanite is the more uncommon of the two. If you are on the alternative side, Moissanite is definitely the stone to consider.

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Chan Morris