The preservation of memory

Some would argue that art should not have any function because art is very personal and should be the purest form of expression, and therefore is above all function. As the American novelist Gertrude Stein said: “Art has no function. It is not necessary. It has nothing to do with what anyone wants you to do or wants it to be, nothing but you and itself”. While I would agree mostly with the statement, I believe any viewer is entitle to their interpretation of art, hence while the art is very personal to it's creator, the viewer might consider to work to have a certain function and utilize it wherever they find fitting.

While not necessary consider this as a “function”, to me art is a great vehicle to provoke a certain feeling or to recall a memory. Every time now and then when I see the image of Mona Lisa it instantly reminds me of the crowd at the Louvre. Or sculptures of William Moore reminds me of my college days because near the school there stands a sculpture by the artist.

The triggering of memory is a funny thing. In an abstract way my jewelries are certainly designed with elements from my memory. A certain color of gemstone might evoke a particular shape that I m fond of. A natural pattern in the stone will recall me to a specific style. When the jewelry is complete and exit the studio it carries a piece of my memory.

When one purchase the jewelry and present as gift, to the receiver this very piece of jewelry will bring back memory of that very special day, or any personal attachment associate with it. From the creator, to our customer, and then to the very special one receiving the gift.... we are all entangle by memory. In a mysterious way the message is pass from one to the other, and though each hands a brand new memory will be add to the original one. It is no longer merely an object, but the vessel carrying all the precious recollections.

by Morris 

Chan Morris