April birthstone: Diamond and other great alternatives

The birthstone of April is diamond. This precious stone is consider to be a significant commodity thought-out history, and continue its high-status as an important pop- culture symbol nowadays. In ancient history diamond is an extremely rare gem that can only be obtain and wear by loyalties. Still being a rare stone today, with modern day advance minding machines diamonds are more accessible to us now.

Well known for it's brilliance and hardness, diamond can be easily incorporate into many designs, both as the center of attention or to enhance a piece. I use diamond in many of my designs, because they are popular and easy to work with.

One of the constrain in working with diamond is their price. Being the rare commodity that they are, the sourcing of raw material is quite expensive. Hence I work with smaller size diamonds, and without compromising the design I use bezel set and swirl motifs to visually emphasize on the diamond.

detail-2 - diamond + rose gold.jpg
detail-1 - diamond + white gold.jpg
model-1 - diamond rose + pink sapphire.jpg

Aside from the popular choice of diamond, there are many alternative birthstones for April. Usually clear or white in color, a great choice would be White Quartz for it's good transparency. Being a clear gemstone the White Quartz is highly versatile when it comes to mix and matching with your outfits.

main-white quartz.jpg
All 14 necklace_a.jpg