“Ivan”, The plain silver spiral ring

The truth is most men are not as big a jewelry fan as women are, even a more difficult task to convince men to wear stones in their jewelry. Nowadays under pop-culture influence men are more accepting to the idea of wearing gemstones. Still, some men just does not have the taste for glitter. They prefer plain metal jewelries.

As a gemstone lover myself I sometimes founds it challenging to design a plain metal piece. The stone in a design is always the center of attention, whatever idea I come up with the goal is always to enhance and the stones. To design a plain metal jewelry means that I only have the forms and shape of metal to work with.

detail2_black plate.jpg

For this plain silver ring I choose to look into the spiral shape. The idea is to make a ring for men that's substantial looking, but have a more gender neutral appearance. My reason being that men's ring in the market are flooded with bulky and hyper-masculine designs. Not that I have anything against that, I just want to create something flesh and different, yet contemporary and easy to wear.


Few details I put into this plain ring to give it a special flare. The shank triple wraps around the finger; both ends are pointed and I raise the profile a bit, making a elongated triangle look. Made in sterling silver, this ring is available in 4 different gold tone finish: silver, black, gold and rose gold.

detail1_rose gold plate.jpg