May birthstone: Emerald and other great alternative

The May birthstone is Emerald. One of the most rare mineral in the world, Emerald is a highly sot-after commodity though-out history cherish in the ancient South-American cultures and Egypt. The lush and lavish green color is associate with plants and life forms, hence the Egyptians believes that the gemstone brought fertility and rebirth. Today emeralds are seen as a classy choice for gemstone because of it's shade of green that many consider mysterious.

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The alternative birthstone for this month is Green Onyx. With the similar color to emerald but without the transparency, Green Onyx are opaque, result with a gentle sheen that is favor by those who prefer a subtle look. Green Onyx is also much more easy to find than emerald,hence it's significant price difference which makes this gemstone more accessible then emerald. A great choice too if you love the color green.

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