Amazonite, an underrated beautiful stone

Among the sea of gemstones, Amazonite is not as well known as many others, part of the reason is due to the young history of this gemstone. Although some believe the name come from Amazon warriors from the Greek mythology, the stone is relatively young from men, it is not being consider as a distinct mineral until the 18th century. Some believe the name comes from the association with Amazon river, I love to think of it this way because the teal color of Amazonite reminiscent of jungle and nature.

amazonite + 14k yellow gold.jpg

The appearance of Amazonite share few traits with Turquoise: the teal-green color; the patterns and “veins” ....... although similar in appearance, Amazonite comes from a different family and is a Feldspar mineral, which have different proprieties than Turquoise. Amazonite are a harder stone, and being a mineral it have a glossy sheen that is differ than the matte surface which most Turquoise have.

yellow gold + amazonite_main.jpg
detail 2 - amazonite.jpg
detail 2 - amazonite.jpg

I love Amazonite for its lovely teal color. I often this stone with yellow gold, in my mind its a picturesque combination where Amazonite as the river and the gold as the sun, like an adventure in the Amazon river on a hot sunny day. An Amazonite ring or an Amazonite necklace would be perfect for the summer outfit.