ROME: a collection of personalize birthstone necklace

I have great memories of many cities, both work and pleasure it's always a great experience to visit different countries. There are only a few place that I would consider mesmerizing. Rome is definitely one of them.

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I love Rome. It's an extremely vibrant city, both literally and figuratively. Very rich in history and culture, and the city itself is a visual fest from its diverse styles of art and architecture.

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As my tribe to my memories of Rome, I name this series of birthstone necklace after the city. Crafted in sterling silver and features different birthstone of the 12 months (plus additional colors), there are plenty of these teardrop necklace to choose from. The silver plate located at the collar bone is inspired by the Roman coin. It is the perfect spot for engraving, making each piece a personalized initial necklace.

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Chan Morris