Angel ring: Cupid and Angela

The inspiration is simple. I attempt to find new meaning or alternative way to interpret what is so commonly seen. Making reference to pop culture but doing my own version, incorporate a common motif to jewelry and giving it a new meaning.


The motif of a heart with a pair of wings is quite common especially poplar for lower back tattoos (tongue and cheek commonly known as the tramp stamp). Like most tattoos the meaning of the heart with wings motif varies depends one how one read it, but the common consent meaning is love, freedom, and the angelic, it's obviously to see why it's popular in women's tattoo.


To give my angel ring a special flare, I design the motif with a pair of horns, giving this angel sugar and spice. An angel jewelry that I use raw diamond for a special touch, non cut and polish stone give the heart ring an uncommon look, which is precisely what I want to achieve.


In the second design I want to keep the angel heart ring relatively small aiming for a dainty and cute look. A great deal of attention is spend on the pair wings, using tiny teardrop in layers to crate the shape. The result is a classical look as well as referencing to the heart with wings motif, and I match my angel heart ring with varies choice of color gemstones for a fun and alternative look.

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Chan Morris