Peridot: The birthstone of August

The birthstone for August is Peridot. This gem had been under rated by many jewelers, it is a semi-precious gem but far less popular as others such as amethyst or rose quartz, even consider by some as a lesser gem. I believe this is mainly because of Peridot's unique shade of olive green. If we must compare apple to orange: the adorable pink of a strawberry quartz, or the sky blue of a turquoise; putting them aside the green of a Peridot is much less bold and vibrant.

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I was born on August and was not a fan of Peridot myself. Yet time will change one's taste, much like fine wine many things in life is a taste to acquire. The more you look into a Peridot, you will found that tone of green is very smoothing. The olive green is uncommon in any other gemstones, subtle and uniquely a trade mark for Peridot.


Now I learn this is a highly versatile great choice goes well with many colors and outfits. Sure the lustrous deep green of an emerald makes a head turner, but it's overpoweringly yells “look at me!”. In comparison Peridot's light shade of olive green is almost like an end of summer's night: Hot with a cool breeze, very smoothing and comfortable.

white gold + peridot_main.jpg

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Chan Morris