A brand new long finger statement ring: Acacia.

The Acacia tree is a plant of religious significant, the symbol of enlightenment. It holds a significant Biblical meaning as some historian believe the Tree of Life and Mosses' Burning Bush are both actually the Acacia tree. The instruction for the building of Noah's Ark was also written in Acacia wood.

main 3.jpg

Due to it's symbolical significant only a bold statement ring will serve the Acacia tree right, hence I took on a long finger ring approach to deign this piece. This large ring covers from knuckle to the third section on the finger.


Acacia tree is a plant with very long and sharp spike. I love how intricately the branch and spike tightly pack together. Utilizing my artistic licensee I design a loosely woven pattern almost to a bird nest effect, in attempt to capture the essence of the tree. The result is an unique look and yet light weight for it's substantial size.

model 2.jpg

The profile of the ring is based on the shape of the tree. Few spikes are set with diamonds for highlights. There are varies of gold color finish for this ring, my personal favorite is the black dipped finish. A Gothic look that's full of character, mean while fun and comfortable to wear!

detail 1.jpg

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