Khepri: The pear shape alternative engagement ring

This is an alternative engagement ring inspired by the Egyptian God Khepri. Often depict as a human form with a face of the scarab beetle, Khepri is a God associate with creations and rebirth, since young dung beetles emerges from balls of dung when they are fully formed. Khepri is also connected with the sun God Ra, being sees as a symbol for the morning sun representing a new beginning, life and positive energy.

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In ancient Egyptian jewelry and artifacts, Khepri is commonly portrait as a beetle with wings. I work with this idea to design this piece. The scarab beetle took on the abstract form of the teardrop; the rings of the beetle are depict as rows of diamonds completing the shape of the winged beetle as well as enhancing the center stone. Along with the more popular choice of diamonds, we also offer different colors of gemstone, this design is a great and unique choice if you like pear engagement ring.

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Chan Morris