Nature inspired ring: Hawthorn and thorn

Men's revisiting connection with nature is a common interest nowadays. The awareness of our planet earth is a constant discussion media and pop culture, which engages me to look into pagan heritage, and natures important role in Wicca traditional.

ruby + black plate_detail1.jpg

An almost completely unknown subject to me, I want to stay away from pagan or Wiccan signals because I does not yet possess the necessary knowledge to utilize in design. One figure easier for me to incorporate is the green man for it is a clear meaning of spirituality of the forest, hence I took some artist liberty and start designing these rings.

detail-1 - emerald.jpg

Vines and leaves are essential in most pictorial portrayal of the green man. I play on the idea of how vines goes around the finger, and how plants can be illustrate in metal.

In the ring “thorn”, the vine triple wraps around the finger as if it's alive on the finger.

black diamond + black plate_background.jpg

The piece “Hawthorn” I want to use an simple approach for a dainty look, yet remaining the nature inspired origin of the design. Though these pieces I want the wearer to be reminded of men's origin and our nonseparable relationship with nature.


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Chan Morris