June birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl

The birthstone of June is Moonstone. Adore by many ancient cultures, the Hindu mythology believed the stone was created from solidified moonbeams. Due to it's subtle and gentle luster, Moonstone have been associate with the moon and believe to possess a strong Luna power.

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We love Moonstone for it's gentle shine, it have a much different tone to the brilliancy of a diamond or the fiery color of the ruby. Moonstone jewelry is the perfect choice if you prefer subtle beauty.


Pearl is the alternative birthstone of June. Much like the tender sheen of Moonstone, Pearl is famous of it's soft luster and adore by us since ancient times. It's always fun making Pearl jewelry, the organic nature of this gem is an interesting contrast to metal. Many jewelers must feel the same too, as Pearl is one of the most popular material use in jewelry.

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Chan Morris