Black tourmaline: Amazing protection stone

Black tourmaline is a very popular stone nowadays. Crystal healers consider black tourmaline as a high frequency crystal. It have the ability to neutralize then cleanse negativity. Wearing a black tourmaline jewelry will protect the owner from any harmful energy.

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Jet black stones are traditionally believe to make great amulet protecting against evil. Onyx, Black diamond, Obsidian are also well known among Black tourmaline. In addition to that, all tourmaline especially Black ones have high magnetic susceptibilities, perhaps is the reason why the stone is consider as one of the best stone to defend against evil.

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I love the contrast of Black tourmaline and gold. The jet black sheen balance the brilliancy of gold just works out perfectly. Very mysterious and elegant.

yellow gold + black tourmaline_ main.jpg

While not a crystal healer or having in depth knowledge myself, I heard from a number of people that wearing Black tourmaline necklace is very beneficial for a shy person. They feel more at ease speaking out and respond against negativity. It would be interesting if you can share you Black tourmaline story with us!

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Chan Morris