Sylvaine: Butterfly design ring with raw diamond

Engagement ring. It is one of the most important piece of jewelry, or even perhaps the first ever for some. More and more people are turning away from the traditional and looking for an unique look. The demand for alternative engagement ring is increasing, inspiring me to keep coming up with new designs.


Having the intentional to do something different and unique in mind, still I have some guidelines always when it comes to engagement rings. Sure the design got to be fun and attractive, but it can't go way over the top, there must be a classical element in the ring. For a jewelry that is intent to be wear for years to come, a style that wouldn't fade easily is the style to go for.


That's the initial idea behind this buttery ring. A beautiful creature that we all love, butterfly is often associate with love, making it the perfect motif for engagement ring. I want it to have a light look, as if the butterfly is dancing around your finger tips. In the center of the body sets an uncut, unpolished diamond. If it is an unique look you are looking for, a raw diamond ring will set you apart from the rest.

model2_white + gold.jpg

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Chan Morris