Marigold: The equal arm cross necklace

I always have an interest for archaeology. Such an excelling world full of artifacts and new discoveries. An aspect of archaeology fascinates me are ancient symbols, I am curious to why some seemingly individual cultures often shares common symbols, one such as the the equal arm cross, a symbols that is worldwide used in the ancient world.

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Like many ancients symbols, the meaning of the equal arm cross is a subject of debate. But we can be certain that it have been use in many religions and adopt by some till these day, such as the Greek cross. It is commonly believe that this square cross have an association with Earth because the four equal side symbolize four seasons or the four element.

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I want to interpret this significant symbol and re-imagine it as jewelry. I studied some design of the jeweled cross and decide to use beaded gemstones on the four side. The center is topped with diamonds for a fancy look. I have also design the pendant in such a way that allows it to be wear as an “X”.

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Chan Morris