Thebe: my alternative approach to 3 stone ring

3 stone ring are one of the most popular jewelry items in the market. While 3 stone ring are also known as trinity ring, with the religious undertone it is easy to see why they are so popular. Aside from the Christianity reference, a stone in the center with two shoulder stone is just a natural way of lay out and we found beauty in it. I being myself want to do something different with this classic design, and thus my design process begin.

main - moonstone.jpg

With most trinity ring the center stone is usually bigger than the shoulders, which in my mind are usually results in a convention look. For my version I want to make it fun with a minimalist touch. Using all three equal size stones, without the basket to hold the gems as if they are freely flowing around space. I am very please with this design, it makes great 3 stone engagement ring if you are looking for something alternative!

detail 1 - tanzanite.jpg
detail 2 - cherry quartz.jpg

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Chan Morris