July birthstone: Ruby and other great options

he birthstone of July is Ruby! This very popular gemstone is one of the most well known. Even for layman who have no interest in gemstones one must know how a Ruby looks like. Due to it's fiery color this stone is long associate with fire, love and passion.

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In a traditional sense, Rubies are often set on yellow gold, the vibrancy of the red visually plays well with yellow gold, it's like the colors of the sunset which gives a warm vibe. Nowadays many prefer Ruby to be set on black dipped gold. Blood red color on a jet black body is a favorite for ones aiming for a goth and edgy look.

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If you are born in July but thinks that red is too strong of a color for you, Pink Sapphire is a great choice as an alternative birthstone. Adorable in pink, these precious gems also symbolize love, but due to it color hinting towards a sweet romance rather than a fiery passion.

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